This is a challenging time for everyone, but if you are currently dealing with mental health issues – you may be feeling unsettled and concerned.  Don’t worry – help is available.  Here’s a few ideas suggested by Doctor Rosie Shire:

A new specialist 24 Hour Helpline has been launched for people in the Warrington area. The volunteer teams are experts in mental health issues and are available for you. Please feel free to call them, day or night if you need a chat.

The 24 Mental Health Crisis Line: 01925 275 309

If you’d prefer to access online advice, there are a number of websites that are available to you. The NHS every mind matters site offers expert advice and practical tips to help you look after your mental health and wellbeing.

Visit NHS Every Mind Matters

The Warrington-based Mental Health Matters website helps people locally to achieve good mental health and wellbeing.

Visit Mental Health Matters Warrington

For those suffering stress, anxiety or depression the NHS Mental Health and Wellbeing site has a mood self-assessment quiz and helpful audio guides that can help with low mood, low confidence and problems sleeping.

Visit the NHS Mental Health & Wellbeing Site

Many thanks to Dr Rosie Shire for providing this valuable information.