At a time when most of us are having to adjust our daily living due to the coronavirus pandemic, it’s understandable that some people may be feeling anxious, lonely and concerned about their mental health.  In the Warrington area, we’re fortunate that help is just a phone call or click away.  Earlier this week, Dr Rosie Shire – our resident Doctor – provided details of a new 24 hour helpline and a list of websites that are aimed specifically for people in the Warrington area.  You can access the details here.

But now, a ground-breaking new book has been published which offers a new and accessible approach to dealing with social anxiety and depression.

Mental health author, Graham Hebron was our special guest on today’s mid-morning show – and the conversation has since sparked a great deal of positive response and questions from our listeners.  In case you missed the conversation – if you’d like to listen again – or if you’d like to download the audio, you’ll find the links below.

The Artificial Reality is an inspirational new book which takes a modern-day approach to Darwin’s Theory of Evolution. Graham hopes to guide people out of anxiety and depression using a revolutionary mindset which will leave readers feeling ready to take on the world.  The book also features an exciting introduction into spiritual energy and ego to help focus and motivation.

The book isn’t packed with scientific jargon – instead, you’ll find the text is bite-sized, easy to follow and enjoyable, with many thought-provoking quotations to inspire.   Graham’s easy-going personality is evident throughout every page – and his encouraging words are engaging and positive.  By developing your relationship with “Evolution” you’ll gain a fresh, unique and alternative perspective on life.

This wonderful book is available now through Amazon – in paperback and kindle formats.


Graham graduated from Chester University in 2018 with a degree in TV production and was quickly snapped up by Granada ITV where he’s now an integral part of the Coronation Street Production crew.

A highly talented and likable chap, he’s certainly had many life experiences – including dealing with his own anxiety and depression.

You can visit Graham’s official Artificial Reality Facebook Page here
BUY THE BOOK:  Purchase The Artificial Reality Book / Kindle Edition from Amazon



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