Lymm Rocks – The Vera Lymm Project ‘We’ll meet again’

Lymm Rocks needs your help!

Finding a Lymm rock can really brighten a finder’s day…  With your help, Lymm Rocks would love to brighten the day of some of our local residents who live lonesome – and being in lockdown – do not see anyone on a daily basis.

We are asking Lymm rockers to paint a rock to be gifted to a local resident, for them to look at and to bring them hope, comfort and a bit of positivity in these strange times. Let them know that we’ll meet again. If you are struggling for design ideas there are many on this page to look through, many within the tutorial albums and Pinterest. There is also a specific album set up with ideas for this Vera Lymm project.

Please can you/your family help us paint such rocks? All levels of artistic talent welcomed. All rocks will be much loved.

On the back of the rock, do not write the usual Lymm Rocks hide/find narrative. These rocks are gifts. Revised wording for the ‘Vera Lymm’ rocks:

Painted for you with love from {add your name}, LymmRocks.
We’ll meet again.

Please message the team at Lymm Rocks when your rocks are finished and varnished. We will then arrange (following government lockdown guidelines) to get the rocks to the LNOB (leave no one behind) team who have kindly offered to safely distribute them, at the same time they distribute other LNOB necessities.

Please paint as many ‘Vera Lymm’ rocks as you can, help us spread some love, hope, comfort and positivity to our Lymm neighbours. Let them know that ‘We’ll Meet Again’.

Please note, we cannot take specific requests of who will receive these gifted rocks, and will not be able to give you details of who received your rock. Please do not let this deter you – please take comfort in knowing by painting a Vera Lymm rock you will have made a lovely neighbour in lockdown very happy!

Lymm Rocks – The Vera Lymm Project: ‘We’ll meet again’

– Paint and varnish a rock
– Choose an uplifting design
– Add wording to the back
– Varnish your rock
– Let Lymm Rocks know that your rocks are ready
– Your rock will be delivered by the LNOB team
– Neighbours know we are thinking of them

Find out more about this exciting project at the Lymm Rocks Facebook Page.