2020 has been challenging in a great many ways – but the impact of the pandemic on those facing domestic abuse became evident almost immediately after the national lockdown started in March.

It is reported that between 23rd March and 12th April, at least 16 domestic abuse killings had taken place – much higher than the average for the time of the year – while calls to the National Domestic Abuse Helpline were running at 49% higher than normal.

Domestic abuse can take many forms – it’s not just violent behavior, it can be emotional, psychological or financial abuse – and both women and men can be affected.  Shockingly, the average time it takes for a victim to seek help is 2 years.

Don’t suffer in silence, talk to someone that can help. In an emergency, always dial 999.

It doesn’t matter if it happens just once, or every so often, or on a regular basis. And it doesn’t have to actually happen – threatening you, or your children, with anything like this could be considered domestic abuse.

Domestic abuse can start at any time, in new relationships or after many years together.  And it can happen to anyone, in all kinds of relationships, no matter what your social group, class, age, race, disability, sexuality or lifestyle is.   

RACHAEL WOOD is the Family Law Solicitor at MLP LAW and was Smithy’s guest on the morning show last week.  During the conversation, they discussed the various forms of domestic abuse, the help and support that is available – and the revisions to the Domestic Abuse Bill that come into force from early next year.  This will strengthen the support available to victims.

The clear message is, don’t suffer in silence.  If you are suffering from domestic abuse, we have provided some links below that you may find helpful – and if you need a helping hand legally, Rachael Wood at MLP Law in Lymm is available to offer friendly and supportive advice.


Rachael Wood From MLP Law talking to Smithy on the Morning Show

There are several organisations that can offer help and support.

The Warrington Borough Council Website has useful advice and links to organisations that available nationally and in the local area.

Cheshire Without Abuse provide emotional, personal & practical support to families in Cheshire affected by domestic abuse.

Safe Lives  have a number of resources available for people living with domestic abuse.

MLP LAW in Lymm offer dependable legal advice and support.  The Lymm office (previously William H Lil Solicitors) is currently being refurbished – for now, please call 0161 926 9969.