MESSAGES & DEDICATIONS:   0800 009 6957

If you would like to offer other listeners your good wishes, make an announcement – or make a dedication (think Steve Wright’s Sunday Love Songs), you can now call our special hotline to record your own message!

It’s totally free to call from a landline or mobile – but please note the number is not manned it just takes messages.  Please only leave short messages or dedications on this number – if you have recorded a longer message or programme feature, please email it to us:

Lymm Radio is your community station and we want you to get involved!

We would love our listeners to create programme content…

Maybe you have some wonderful life experiences and can offer inspiration and advice to those feeling anxious right now;  Maybe you offer a professional service locally which listeners can benefit from – or perhaps you are out shopping at Sainsbury’s and feeling exasperated that they have sold out of toilet roll again!

You can send us a written message with your offerings and observations – or better still, why not make an audio recording of your message?  Send it to us (we’ll tart the recording up and make you sound more butch if really needed) and we’ll get it on air!

Making a recording is really easy; you just need your smartphone.  There’s various (free) and even built-in apps on both iPhone and Android which enable you to record a message and attach it to an email.

As we launch live programming, we will be looking to invite contributors to our makeshift studio to take part – and even present – the programmes.  For now, please let us have your audio recordings.

Don’t worry about how professional or word-perfect you might or might not sound (we’ve been getting away with it for years) or if you fluff your lines here and there – we will edit it and will make you sound gorgeous.

We are working flat out at the moment to develop this website as quickly as we can – and in due course will make it easier for you to get involved.  For now, please send your audio and written contributions to

Thanks so much in advance!