Lymm Radio is going from strength to strength and today on the breakfast show, Smithy announced the news we’ve been keeping under wraps for the last few weeks..  We have a new sponsor for our breakfast show – McDonalds at Lymm Services!

Paul caught up with Jayne, Dom and other members of the McDonalds crew on the breakfast show this morning.  You can listen again right here.

Though McDonalds is known worldwide for it’s burgers and shakes, it is also a major employer (the Lymm branch alone has a staff list of around 150) and every year, each restaurant provides far reaching help support within the local community.

Already supporters of local causes including Lymm Pirahnas – McDonalds Lymm is now proud to support Lymm Radio.  This new partnership means that we’ll have much needed funds towards our running costs and in return, it will provide a valuable platform for the McDonalds team to further connect with the local community.

You’ll be surprised at the opportunities and true career opportunities that McDonalds has to offer.  In fact, there’s a number of vacancies currently available at the Lymm Services Restaurant – check out our jobs noticeboard for more details.

Listen out to Lymm Radio to hear news about the projects and causes that McDonalds are supporting in the area.

Thank you so much to Jayne and everyone at McDonalds.  We are so proud to have you on board with us!

Please feel free to share and spread the word!

  1. LYMM RADIO WITH MCDONALDS Smithy talks to Dominic Murphy from McDonalds Lymm 6:21