It was an absoloute pleasure to welcome lovely Hayley Hadfield from Off The Wheaten Track Delicatessen in Altrincham – along with a good helping of home-baked cakes to our morning studio!

The mince pies, bakewell tart and blueberry muffins were totally delicious – and certainly didn’t last long with our hungry team (even Doctor Rosie made a special visit) but all have a very important difference.  They are all gluten free.

Just over 10 years ago, Hayley’s husband was diagnosed as a coeliac – and this led to a change of lifestyle for the couple.  Eventually they took the plunge and set up a totally gluten free deli in Altrincham, giving coleiacs the confidence to eat without fear of cross contamination – and without compromising on taste and quality.  Her deli, based at 8/10 Oxford Road in Altrincham now attracts customers from all over the world.

And it’s no wonder!  Take a look at the Off The Wheaten Track website and alongside artisan cheeses, wines and other deliciousness, you’ll see a very tempting range of home-baked pies, cakes and much more.  All look amazing – and all are gluten free.  Helen from our Kids Live@5 team is a total fan!

It was lovely to meet you Hayley and thank you so much for bringing in some samples!  Please come again!

If you missed the conversation, you can listen again right here.  During our chat, we also found out that Hayley has a very talented (and very famous) brother, who we hope to welcome to our studio sometime in the future!