Harvey Williamson


I have been working in radio since I was 15. I started at Southport Hospital Radio in 1980. When I was 19 I moved to Israel to work as a presenter on a radio station called The Voice of Peace. This was an offshore station playing pop music 24 hours a day. In 1989 I joined the BBC.

I started off at BBC Radio Shropshire. In 1990 I moved to London to work as a Studio Manager, working on all news output on radio and TV.

After a couple of years I chose to specialise in radio. The job included work on Radio 1, 2, 4, the World Service and BBC 5-Live. During my time at the BBC I worked as a field producer working in places like Afghanistan, Iraq and Israel. In 2012 I moved to Manchester with 5Live
and the World Service working on news and sports programmes. I left the BBC in 2020.

I like many different kinds of music but if I had to pick a favourite artist it would have to be Billy Joel.  Away from my love of radio I am a Chess player.  I work on the development of a computer chess program which has won many tournaments. I also assist 5 time world champion Vishy Anand.

Every Thursday evening between 6 and 8 it is The Musicgasm on Your LymmRadio.

It was christened #Musigasm by listeners on social media. Music from all eras and all genres. Including some surprises along the way, records you may not have heard on the radio for ages or perhaps never heard on the radio before. There is always something for everyone!

You can contact Harvey by emailing studio@lymmradio.co.uk or on Twitter @harveylymmradio.