Jamie Thompson


I discovered my love of music at a very early age, listening to my dads cassettes in the house and on journeys. In 1990 I discovered dance music and would spend every penny I had on vinyl. I eventually bought my own turntables and a mixer and taught myself how to mix records through hours of practice. This led to a number of club gigs in my native North East England and further afield, including Ibiza. I played most genres of dance music from Commercial pop/Eurodance right through to Hardcore, doing gigs and selling mix tapes to fund the purchase of new records. 

I have a wide taste in music now ranging but am still most fond of music from the late 80s and early 90s. Over the years I have built up a huge collection of dance music, originals and remixes and still play gigs specifically for those that want to hear 90s music, including my own club night ‘Resurrection’.