Rob Tucker


There’s always something happening in our lovely village of Lymm!

Heck, there are towns and probably some cities that don’t have as much going on as we do! I’ve always enjoyed performing behind the microphone, whether it was to a bored sibling or a poorly hospital patient.  So the idea of a Lymm Radio station was probably the best idea I’d ever heard of since the invention of the cat flap!

The second best idea was letting me on air, well in my mind.  Local radio is a vital lifeline and, excuse the cliché, your twenty four hour friend.

In my twenty years in Lymm I’ve lived in most corners of the village, so I love to share my local knowledge on air and connect with our listeners.  Even though we started as a lockdown companion, we’ve been here through floods, storms and heatwaves and out and about at local events like May Queen, bonfire night and Christmas Eve carols.

Lymm Radio sure keeps me on my toes and I hope you enjoy listening as much as I enjoy being part of it.  You can hear me on Friday mornings with Good Morning Lymm and across the weekend presenting various shows.