Steph Tucker


Hi I’m Steph, I’ve been a presenter here at Lymm Radio since the early days in 2020. I present Friday’s Mid-Morning Mayhem, Saturday Breakfast with my husband and fellow Lymm Radio presenter, Rob Tucker and Songs from the Movies on Sunday afternoon – and I love it!

The first thing you should know about me is that I am a huge nerd! I am passionate about so many different things, I love music, films, yarn, crochet, sewing, drawing, cooking and basically anything creative.

I haven’t presented on radio before but having 15+ years of working in Primary and Adult Education, as well as hosting charity and business events, I’ve had the good fortune and plenty of opportunities to talk to all types of people of all ages and from all walks of life. Okay, so maybe I just like chatting and talking comes naturally to me, ha ha!

I am known for having a wildly eclectic taste in music and can be found listening to the latest pop hits, hardcore EDM and trance, rock, and classical at any one time. I just love music! I’d be hard pushed to pick a favourite band or style of music as, just like you, my music follows my mood and I’ll certainly give anything a listen at least once.

I am passionate about stories and storytelling and given half the opportunity I am more than willing to grab a cup of coffee and discuss anything to do with films (but not horror, I am a massive wimp) and books (especially audiobooks!).

I’m phenomenally proud to be and love being a part of the incredible team at Lymm Radio.