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Our team is made up of friendly volunteers from the local community
and experienced broadcasters from UK independent and BBC radio.

Would you like to be a volunteer? Please get in touch!

Paul’s radio career started at MFM / Marcher Radio Group, where he presented everything from the overnight show to the breakfast show.

He eventually moved to KEY 103 in Manchester, where he presented the evening show.  He later became programme manager and drive-time presenter of Magic 1152.

In recent years, Paul has also presented on BBC Radio Leeds and Radio Merseyside.

Ian is often recognised as the presenter of the Fords of Winsford TV commercials on ITV – but he has a long career in the radio industry.

He was one of the first presenters on Marcher Sound when it launched in 1983 – and has since worked at Touch Radio, Magic 1170, BBC Radio Leeds and Merseyside.

At the BBC he presented “Glitterball” as Dr Dance, which was the 4th most listened to show on BBC’s iPlayer in the UK!

Paul has a long history of working in radio – from appearing on Piccadilly 261’s “Breakaway” at the age of 12 to presenting on Top Shop radio.

During his career he’s worked at Marcher MFM, Radio Aire – and for the last 12 years, he’s presented the mid-morning show on Singal 2 in Stoke on Trent.

Paul is one of the pioneers of the “smartphone quiz” and also runs a business producing personalised printed gifts including mugs and awards.

Harry is a well travelled man.  Originally from Essex, he connected with the north of England during his time at university.

A strong lover of radio and an even bigger believer in the value of community.

Harry has an incredibly eclectic taste in music. His personal favourite is American Country, which he will be sharing with us all on his weekly show

Callum was born in the midlands – but he lived in Warrington for four years whilst he was a student at the University of Chester’s Padgate Campus.

During his time in the area, he visited Lymm many times and fell in love with the place!

Since graduating, Callum has been working as a presenter and  news reporter at Cannock Chase Radio – but is planning on moving back to our area very soon!

Rob always had a big interest in music and radio from a very young age, recording records off the radio from the Top 40 show. His radio experience never really extended much beyond Bedroom FM and various wards within Wythenshawe Hospital in the late 1990’s.

However, he set up and ran a two week temporary FM stations in Altrincham back in 2001, cobbling together equipment which the BBC no longer had a use for and a transmitter borrowed from a taxi firm!

Since moving to Lymm, his working life has taken a completely different direction – but he still enjoys amassing a music collection and keeps his ear to the ground with broadcasting matters.

Having talked with Ian and Paul for years about the possibility of a Lymm based radio station, he jumped at the chance to be part of the Lymm Radio lineup!

Steph moved to Lymm seven years ago and has loved every moment of being here, quickly becoming involved in several community groups including Lymm Ladies Circle, Lymm Crafters and the Christmas Festivities group.

Having always loved music from many different genres, Steph can frequently be found dancing round her house to all sorts of music including EDM, show tunes, punk rock and classical music, often one after the other!

She has always had a keen ear and eye for storytelling and a passion for Disney, Harry Potter and scores from Hans Zimmer and Howard Shore.

Having met Rob, Steph was introduced to the behind the scenes excitement of developing, presenting and producing radio shows. Being a part of Lymm Radio has fulfilled a dream of hers and she finds it an honour and a privilege to be giving back to her beloved community.