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The 00ABV Podcast
Helping you through alcohol free and low alcohol drink choices


Nothing quite beats a night out full of lively conversation and laughter with friends – a romantic meal for two at a cosy restaurant – or a quick pint or two with colleages after work.

For many, alcohol is part of everyday life and something that is enjoyed without a second thought.  For others, alcohol can be a problem – or it may be off-limits for health or religious reasons.

Fortunately, in recent years the market for non-alcoholic and low-alcohol drinks has grown.  The products have improved – and today, there’s more choice than ever.  It is now perfectly possible to go to your local pub or fancy bar and have NA beer, gin or cocktail.  

The succession of lockdowns in 2020 has changed our drinking habits.  In reality, many of us have been drinking more – and more often.


As life gets back to normal, now is the time to look at your own drinking habits and to make some informed choices.


The 00ABV podcast is here to help

The 00ABV podcast is a project developed by Lymm Radio presenters, Phil Roberts and Ian James.  Phil can’t drink for health reasons – Ian does drink, but is keen to cut down.  The podcast series documents Phil and Ian’s journey of discovery and is the companion to Phil’s internationally acclaimed blog.

The taste and quality of non-alcoholic drinks is better than ever – and as you’ll discover through the podcasts, the popularity and availability of non alcoholic and low alcohol drinks is improving all the time.  No longer do you have to suffer a long night of coca-cola or soda water if out on the town with friends!

Whether you have a genuine interest in low and no alcohol drinks – or a passing one, we hope you’ll enjoy the lively banter -often funny, sometimes serious between Phil and Ian on the 00ABV Alcohol Free Podcast.   Please feel free to listen, share and subscribe right here!  

There’s a new podcast every week.  We’d love your feedback, questions and suggestions – so please contact us at