This is a question I have been asked so many times: when the children want an ice cream, when friends visit, and a question I have seen being asked many times on social media.

So, can you get an ice cream in Lymm? The simple answer is yes, and there are many places in Lymm that serve ice creams.  It just depends what sort of ice cream you like!

There are some gorgeous ice creams you can get a short journey out of Lymm (Dunham Massey Ice Cream Farm is well worth a visit) but where can you get an ice cream in the village?

A great selection of Movenpick ice cream can be found at the Church Green Deli, in addition to Kelly’s soft whip. The Church Green Deli on Church Road was only built last year but has been a fabulous addition to the village with many visiting whilst walking round Lymm Dam, and some coming to the village specifically to see what the daily treats are.  They have a great selection of ice creams, served in a cone or a tub. At our most recent visit the ice cream choices were White Chocolate, Strawberry, Swiss Chocolate, Vanilla Dream, Maple Walnut, Panna Cotta Raspberry, Cappuccino, and Carmeletta. When we visited we sampled a good selection of flavours between us – we each had two scoops! I think my favourite was the Panna Cotta Raspberry, and we were even offered a scoop of ice cream in an iced latte – all totally delicious.  Keep up to date with the offerings in the Deli by following the Church Green’s Facebook page.

An ice cream van can be often found (along with the Avanti coffee van) parked alongside Lymm Dam on the A56. The van serves a wide range of ice creams, a good old 99 and a variety of ice lollies. I have fond childhood memories of ice lollies such as Pineapple Mini, Feasts, Funny Feet and Mega Bites, but think I am showing my age there. An ice cream van can also sometimes be found in the Davies Way Car park too.

Ruby and Harry on Bridgewater Street in the centre of the village have recently started selling Whippy ice cream alongside their wide variety of gifts, balloons and sweets. The ice cream is made locally in Latchford by the Turco family and it is sold with a variety of topping and sauces with options of cones, tubs and screwballs. It is a perfect treat when walking around  the village.  I’ve also been told that if you download the “supersaverapp”, if you buy one ice cream from Ruby and Harry, you can get another half price. More details on their Facebook page.

Ice creams of course, do not have to be your traditional cone/tub and a scoop. There are many fabulous pre-packaged ice creams that can be picked up from the local service stations, and village shops, such as the co-op, McColls, Budgens and Sainsburys. Cornettos are still one of my favourite pre-packaged ice creams, though I don’t think I ever did decide whether mint choc chip or strawberry was my favourite. There are often deals on the multipacks in the freezer section so always worth a look there. Ice creams such as Ben and Jerry and Haagen Dazs also now come in smaller pots, though a smaller pot of strawberry Cheesecake Haagen Dazs… would that ever be enough?

Still in Lymm, though not in the centre of the village, is McDonald’s Lymm Services. The McFlurry is another great option as a take away ice cream. With a variety of chocolate types whizzed throughout the ice cream, the McFlurry is certainly a take-away ice cream not to forget.

Lymm really is full of great takeaway ice cream options, but if you don’t fancy a take away, given the menus that the wide variety of bars, cafes and restaurants Lymm boast, you will not struggle for choice!

So, can you get an ice cream in Lymm?

Yes, indeed you can!

Though, maybe the question should not be ‘Can I get an Ice cream in Lymm?’ but ‘How many ice creams are you having?’

This article was kindly submitted by Lymm Radio listener, Penny.  If you’d like to write an article to be featured on our website, please get in touch!