Updated Sunday 17th May 2020

Due to the unprecedented response and support that we received in just a few short weeks – plans rapidly developed to secure the future of Lymm Radio and to make the service available for the good our our community on a permanent basis.


Initially, we were looking at running Lymm Radio for 3 months.  But, due to the incredible feedback, we quickly came to realise that there is huge support for a local radio service in our little corner of the world!

We have received positive support from Warrington Borough Council and Lymm Parish Council.  In the meantime, our wonderful listeners are now donating funds via our crowdfunding page so that we can build our studio facility and community hub in the centre of the village.  Your continued donations are truly appreciated and will certainly help to benefit our community in the future.


As of Friday 15th May 2020, Lymm Radio is officially a Community Interest Company (CIC).  This means we are a legal entity, registered at Companies House.  CIC status is only granted to organisations who commit to using profits generated for the good of the company and community.

We believe we are in a great position to make a brilliant success of Lymm Community Radio CIC.  Heading the company will be Paul Smith & Ian James – who together, have many years of experience working in the UK broadcasting industry, both as presenters and in management.  Since 1991, they have operated a highly respected and award-winning media production company.  Paul and Ian – together with the hugely talented Elio Pace – are responsible for creating one of the North West’s most successful media campaigns in recent times – for Fords of Winsford.

But a successful business also needs experienced and highly talented people at the helm – and we’re so fortunate to have Phil Roberts, Catherine Collier, Paul Fairclough and Rob & Steph Tucker on the journey with us.  You’ll get to know more about our key team in due course, but for now – it’s good to know that the future of Lymm Community Radio is in very experienced hands!

Lymm Radio will aim to entertain, inspire and enrich listeners through an eclectic mix of music, cultural, educational and community interest programmes and services.

But the facility we are creating at 15b The Cross,  will offer more than this.  We will be working with local schools, the police and fire service – offering new educational opportunities and engagements.  We’ll also be offering grant-funded and self-funded vocational training courses to the wider community.

Listeners, members of societies and organisations will be freely able to call into our hub to provide programme content, record requests and local appeals.


Our vision is that day to day expenses will be covered through grant funding and by the support of our local businesses in the way of advertising and sponsorship.  Though Paul and Ian are covering the majority of the initial investment, Lymm Community Radio CIC needs your help.

As we’ll be freely offering our facility to local schools – and will be actively encouraging our younger community to get involved with our programme output, requirements dictate that the installation has to comply with certain standards and that it has to be of a professional (robust!) grade.  This does create an additional financial challenge.

We are very fortunate – and have a huge advantage at the starting point with our key personnel.  Our main line-up of presenters are seasoned professionals and will (hopefully!) ensure that the programmes we broadcast will be engaging and enjoyable for you to listen to.  Our main output will also be enhanced by members of the local community – we will be encouraging people from our village to get involved, to present features – and to anchor programmes.

When we started Lymm Radio, you so generously crowdfunded money enabling us to continue through lockdown.  Your donations have been truly appreciated – and have most certainly helped to cover the running costs.  Thank you so much. You will be pleased to know that all the money you have so kindly donated so far is being held in a central fund and is ring fenced for LYMM COMMUNITY RADIO CIC.  Paul and Ian have decided to privately fund the continuation of Lymm Radio during lockdown.

Now, as our future vision becomes a reality we are appealing for your help so that we can secure our social enterprise and  create a studio and radio service that will be a true asset to Lymm and a facility that local schools will have access to.

If you feel you can donate just a small amount, please head over to our new crowdfunding page.

Thank you so much from Paul, Ian and the entire team.  Together we will make this community project a huge success!