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What is Lymm famous for?

Lymm is a leafy town nestled between the M6 and the M56, home to the Bridgewater Canal, the River Bollin, and the Thelwall Viaduct.

But what is Lymm really famous for?

People from outside the area often ask this question from far afield.

Many famous names live in Lymm, but is that what you think of first? There are many well-known and respected eateries, quaint shops, Lymm Cross and other village landmarks.

Lymm even has its own cobbles on Pepper Street, though maybe not as famous as those cobbles a few miles up the road that grace our television screens multiple times a week.

When I say I live in Lymm, I must admit I do not say ‘Lymm, the home of the Lymm Heritage Centre’ or ‘You know, Lymm, the home of Lymm Radio’ or even ‘Lymm, that lovely place that Mr Celebrity lives in’.

No, my standard response is ‘Lymm, where the Truck Stop Services are, in the shadow of the Thelwall viaduct, where the M6 meets the M56’.

So is Lymm famous? Of course, we are home to Lymm Truck Stop Services!

Helen is the Producer of Kids Live @5 and weekend programmes.


A Lymm Confession

Okay, it’s confession time.

I grew up in Stretford, Manchester, and before I met my now-husband, I’d never heard of Lymm before (shameful, I know).

However, when I told my friends I was dating someone from Lymm, the first thing everyone said was, that’s the place with the Duck Race, isn’t it?

I had no idea how big of a deal the duck race is and how much fun it is as well!

Every year, thousands of people come to a village for the highly anticipated race.

Now, to answer your burning question, what on earth is a duck race?

Well, picture the scene.

It’s Easter Monday, and thousands of people surround the lower dam in the centre of the village with a handful of young gents in canoes floating in the water.

Cue an enormous cheer as thousands upon thousands of rubber ducks in multiple sizes cascade into the water by the Dingle.

Everyone cheering and celebrating as the ducks float down the water; some years, it’s blindingly fast others, it’s a hilarious snail’s pace, but that’s half the fun!

The first rubber duck (the real ones aren’t allowed to compete) to cross the winner’s line wins its sponsor an exciting prize!

If that wasn’t fun enough, there are stalls where local businesses sell their beautiful creations, and there is a fantastic food festival on Davis Way car park too!

It is a fantastic day, filled with fun for absolutely everyone.

So, that’s what I think Lymm is famous for, the incredible events that the village hosts. But, amazingly enough, the Duck Race isn’t even our most significant event!

Try Carols around the Cross, Historic Transport Day and Lymm Beerfest too!

Steph is a presenter at Lymm Radio, and she loves her movies!


Lymm is famous for food, like really renowned.

There’s a link between Lymm and the youngest Michelin-starred chef.

The witty individual coined the phrase, “I lost a bit of sleep last night whilst appearing on Masterchef?

The head chef who helps to make Church Green famous?

I am, of course, talking about Aidan Byrne, who is head chef and owner of Church Green, which is ranked within the top 10% of restaurants in the country. But more importantly, he is a resident of Lymm.

Nevertheless, it is not just notable individuals who help to make the village of Lymm famous.

The village comprises many more inspiring and conscientious people who help make Lymm a wonderful place to live.

People help keep the different shops running every day, ranging from butchers and bakers to candlestick-makers and florists.

People who help keep the annual traditions alive, ranging from Dickensian to May Queen and, importantly, people who help and support each other, no matter the external pressures, ranging from informing others about local road closures.

To help the vulnerable with their shopping during a worldwide pandemic!

To me, this is why Lymm is famous. After all, the world-famous comes from the Latin famous meaning “much talked of, renowned”.

Lymm may not appear the most frequently on global news or receive the most royal visits, but it is definitely much discussed within the community.

And that’s what really counts, right?!

And if you still don’t believe me, the unique character of Lymm was undeniably recognised during the pandemic.

Lymm village was ranked the number one secluded area in the UK to work remotely.

During the various lockdowns, Small Business Prices conducted a study to reveal the ultimate secluded areas to work remotely – and Lymm came out on top!

Just in case you’re interested in the finer details.

According to the study, each UK location was evaluated according to various metrics, including the monthly rent and Airbnb rates, broadband speed, distance from the nearest airport, and even the number of cafes with WiFi.

Locations in the UK were also measured according to the number of green spaces and closeness to the sea.

I think this example is enough to prove to you just why Lymm is famous.

The global population was undoubtedly challenged during the recent 20 months, and we all experienced our own obstacles.

We all had to feel comfortable and adapt to our neighbours, local shops and of course, our neighbourhood where we lived in our homes.

Our homes were tested to the limit in so many ways as we had to endure the exact locations and often the same four walls.

Consequently, our places of abode and nearby areas were constantly scrutinised – and perhaps even criticised – for months on end.

For Lymm to be celebrated as number one, it indeed must be an exceptional place. And for me, this is why Lymm is famous.

Sitara is a Presenter and Producer at Lymm Radio


Leafy Lymm

“Leafy Lymm” is probably most well known for its services at Junction 20 of the M6!  But for the locals, it’s the Dam and Annual Events like Dickensian that it’s most famous for.

Lymm Dam is a picture postcard with the church in the background and mature woodland framing the water.  It’s a beautiful place for a leisurely walk before heading down the Dingle for some refreshments in the village.

Annual events like the Duck Race at Easter, Transport Day in Summer and Dickensian in Winter offer fun for all ages.  They increase in popularity every year, with visitors from far and wide coming to sample the fun and indulge in the local food, drink and artisan shopping.

Matt Yates is a weekend presenter.


Lymm and Transport are cosy bedfellows

Lymm is famous for its Annual Historic Transport Day, featuring a parade of vintage vehicles, flypasts from Spitfires and music and entertainment.

And how appropriate given Lymm has hosted the most effective forms of Transport over the years.

With the River Bollin and nearby River Mersey helping provide the earliest forms of Transport near the village, the opening of the Bridgewater canal in July 1761 put Lymm firmly on the map.

The Manchester Ship Canal was recently built to the north of the village.

And ships can be seen passing through on their way to and from Manchester.

Canals were soon overtaken by railways, and the Warrington and Altrincham Junction Railway was constructed through Lymm in the 1850s, providing routes to Liverpool, Manchester and beyond.

Despite its final closure in 1985, it provides a beautiful walk and cycleway between Warrington and Altrincham, passing through the centre of the village.

Perhaps one of the most important modes of Transport to Lymm in the present day is the road network.  The nearby motorway provides easy connectivity to Manchester, Liverpool, with access north and south on the M6.

So, from rivers to canals, roads to railways, motorways to cycleways on the Pennine Trail.

Lymm has been at the centre of the transport network for centuries.

So how appropriate that the village hosts the Historic Transport Day and, after two years on hold due to Covid, let’s hope it comes back bigger and stronger in 2022!

Andrew Nelson is a Lymm Radio Presenter and loves his transport history.


Sooty, Sweep and Lymm!

After school, the usual routine was getting home and putting on the kid’s TV shows before dad made us watch Neighbours before the BBC news.

It was a regular well-oiled routine, and I got to watch Grange Hill and even when I was in my teens, the sight of Sooty, Sweep, Sue and Matthew on the TV with the Sooty Show was a guaranteed family watch.

Their adventures always gave me a smile.

Including seeing Matthew Corbett getting squirted in the face with a custard pie or soaked by Sooty’s water pistol.

It was a fantasy world with plenty to keep us young un’s entertained. I think I was still watching it when I was 14 or 15.

So would have believed years later I would become friends with the famous man for always having his hand up Sooty’s bum.

Matthew, real name Peter Corbett lived in Lymm until 2020 with his wife Sallie in the beautiful white house, which has been pictured more than any other house in Lymm.

Now retired and living close to their children near Brighton, I will miss his larger than life personality.

One night we re-enacted the custard pie scene with one of his many Sooty’s (can you believe there was more than one Sooty), and my life was complete.

Pete Corbett (stage name Matthew) will always be someone who, for me, made Lymm famous and a more colourful place to live.

We remain friends.

Paul Smith is the Station Manager of Lymm Radio


Relax, its Lymm!

Lymm is famous for its tranquillity.

It sits in the middle of Lymm dale, right on the edge of some of England’s most heavily wooded countryside.

The hills around Lymm are gentle and pleasant: no soaring cliffs, no steep slopes, no jagged rocks.

You can wander along the tops of the hills and look down over the valley full of tiny farms, small woods, and pretty little villages.

But there is no rush, no bustle, no noise except the song of the birds. In Lymm, you can hear everything except the traffic.

The Lymm area has always been one of the wealthiest in the country. Lymm itself is dominated by Lymm Hall, a grand old mansion that looms above the village.

The hall was built in the 1590s and was the home of Robert Grosvenor, Earl of Halifax, one of the most significant figures of his age. In 1604, he became Lord Chancellor of England.

Halifax gave the name “Judgement Day” to the English Civil War and was so influential in the government of Charles I that he became the favourite son-in-law of the king.

Halifax was many things: a statesman, a philosopher, a famous courtier. But he was also an alchemist.

He invented a steam-powered cannon, which fired weight after weight of cannonballs at the enemy.

He spent most of his money building a vast experimental laboratory, where he tried to develop the first steam engine.

But Lymm has many other famous people linked to Lymm, including Derek Hatton.

John Stalker.Terry Waite. Robert Westall. Tony Wilson.

Phil Is the Author of the Imposter Syndrome and Presenter/Producer at Lymm Radio


What do you think Lymm is famous for?

We would love to know!